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Want to ​make informed intelligent decisions and transform your dream home into reality - but don’t know where to start? You're in the right place. I'm Mark Siddall, an RIBA chartered architect and creator of the Forever Home Lifestyle.
My goal is to help you create a home you can be proud of. The articles, videos and podcasts on this site give you practical tools, strategies and systems, so you can create your forever home. That’s what I’m about. That’s what this site's about. 

What is the Forever Home Lifestyle?


There are lots of definitions for a forever home, and yes—they are all deeply personal.

In my experience, the best form of forever home is:

"A home that is a joy to be in because it enhances your quality of life each and every day - now and always."

This is what I focus on here at FHL. Forever Home Lifestyle is a resource I'm building with (and for) people just like you. It's your questions, queries and feedback that make this site work.

What I have planned is much more than just 'a podcast'. I'll not only show you strategies and techniques for creating your Forever Home, I'll help you implement them.

Why not stick around, pull your sleeves up and get stuck in? That way you can explore smart ways you can transform your dream home into a reality.

What To Expect: Component 1 


Through ForeverHomeLifestyle.com I can provide you with the mutual support you need to avoid pitfalls and keep your project moving. In essence it could be one of the smartest ways for you to:

* Refresh and renew your motivation
* Avoid getting lost and distracted by creating clarity
* Save time - by avoiding delays and reducing the time takes to create your forever home
* Keeping you focused on your goal by helping you overcoming obstacles
* Discover the right tools and techniques that reduce risk and minimise cost
* Find strategies for making a better home, better live and better world
...and much more

What To Expect: Component 2


A house is not just a place for you and the kids. With the right care and attention, designed correctly, it's where you'll create great memories, enjoy a long meaningful retirement and maintain your independence well into old age.

As you explore this site you'll find tools, techniques and technology that will give you clarity of mind, self-confidence and capability, so that you can create a house that addresses all your needs.

You won't just find the strategies and systems I use in my architectural practice (LEAP: Lovingly Engineered Architecture), you'll also discover how other leading architects are helping their clients create houses with personality that are versatile, adaptable, respond to their setting and create a safe haven where it's possible relax and enjoy the good times. In essence, if you want to create a house for ​your family and the longterm, ​Forever Home Lifestyle​ has got you covered.

...But also, if you're concerned about how you'll cope with growing old, you'll find strategies you can use to avoid isolation and loneliness, remain active, prevent injury, improve comfort, reduce health risks and illness (even Alzheimer's) and avoid becoming house-rich but cash-poor - all without having to move home again.

You'll also find out how you can create a home where you can age-in-place without becoming a burden on others, or having to leave the neighbourhood and friends you love - even if you're approaching retirement or living alone in your twilight years.

Finally, if you're thinking about your legacy, what you'll leave for your family and your impact on future generations, then you'll find ways to increase the value of your home and minimise your environmental impact.

What To Expect: Component 3


Of course knowing what you want to achieve is only half of it. Knowing how to achieve it is the other. 

Whether it's the process of finding and buying land, hiring an architect, getting planning permission, hiring a contractor or managing progress on site, having the right systems in place will help you to avoid taking unnecessary risks. I'll be sharing systems you can use to create the home of your dreams. 

​Want stay motivated, keep focussed and apply the 10-elements of the Forever Home Lifestyle​? Download a free copy of the Forever Home Lifestyle book, ​it's all about the Forever Home ​Lifestyle framework we talk about here on ​podcast​:

How Will You Create Your Forever Home?


If you're like me, you're seriously interested in self-build, bespoke houses, custom homes and community-led housing (cohousing) because it presents a fantastic alternative to the mainstream.

It's not just about the satisfaction of knowing where you live is unique, or that you have a cosy home with enough space for the family where you can enjoy with good daylight, excellent air quality, be released from the burdened of high energy bills and the guilt of excessive carbon emissions.

It's also about recognising the fact that you also have a vested interest in the neighbourhood where you live. In a nutshell - you want a house that improves your quality of life far beyond what you can find in the normal marketplace.

...That's what I want for my family too, and it's why I've been an active member of two cohousing groups and still dream about building a home with my family. For now though, as a busy Dad running an architectural practice, I've postponed this goal. (When Hannah, my daughter, is a little older Jen and I intend to get back to it.)

What the Forever Home Lifestyle Is Not


Let's dispel a few myths and set realistic expectations:

1) There's rarely a quick fix. Even though Forever Home Lifestyle is here to help, there is no 'easy' fix. You'll still need to put the effort in and - at times - it'll require hard work.

2) Forever Home Lifestyle is for ethical people serious about improving the quality of life for themselves, their family and, wherever possible, the broader community.

3) Whilst, money can be made, it's not the sole driver for members of the Forever Home Lifestyle Community. ...Forever Home Lifestyle is not for people that just want to "make a fast buck" by building a house. Members of the Forever Home Network recognise property investment requires long term thinking.

4) Forever Home Lifestyle is for people that respect other view points and aspire to leaving the world in a better place than when they found it.

If this sounds like you then you're in the right place. Welcome home!

Forever Home Lifestyle


Here are three things I don’t recommend:

1. Failing to budget: It doesn't matter whether you're a millionaire or a pensioner, get clear on your budget from day one. If you simply try to cater for your desires and whims, and don't take the time to understand your finances and get them under control, then you'll regret it further down the line.

2. Failing to invest time: Whether it is a classic townhouse, or a distinctive rural retreat developing the right design takes time. Whilst there are ways to shortcut the process - by employing an architect for instance - it still takes commitment. Make sure you set aside the time.

3. Getting overwhelmed: The learning curve is steep and can be overwhelming. Buying land, designing a house, and then building it, isn't an easy task. If you have the time it can be done. But it's not certainly not easy. Whether it's through coaching or employing a consultant, allow yourself to be guided through the process by someone with the experience.

Forever Home Lifestyle


Complication kills. One of the smartest things you can do is avoid complexity. Here's three things I recommend:

1. Focus on a contextual, characterful, composed, comfortable, and practical design. Creating a vanity statement is one thing, creating a home you can sell or pass on to your loved ones is another. (Vanity projects often lose you money as they can be hard to sell.)

2. Concentrate upon increasing your overall quality of life. By working with the right architect, engineers, and construction teams at the right stages you're able to:

  • locate your house close to amenities
  • get the space you need 
  • get good levels of daylight
  • create a quieter indoor environment
  • ensure fresh air and better air quality
  • optimise thermal comfort 
  • improving overall building durability and longevity
  • prevent mould and mildew by creating a moisture-controlled home

3. Create an energy efficient home. Done correctly you can slash your bills (and carbon emissions) by up to 90% without too much effort and just a little more planning.

Safe in the knowledge that you've future proofed yourself from rising fuel and energy prices you'll be able to sleep with peace of mind for years to come - particularly when you're living off your pension. Plus you'll have radically reduced your environmental impact.

...Even if you just do it to inspire others, or show off to your friends, you'll find that's it's one of those things that pays back and is well worth the effort. Not just because you'll have more cash in your pocket but because of the way good energy efficient design enhances your entire quality of life.

Your Forever Home Journey! 

Choosing The Right Fork In The Road

Creating your Forever Home is, amongst other things, a journey of self-discovery. As you're no doubt aware, in an effort to make smart decisions and lead a better quality life you'll be exploring and weighing up the options.

By unearthing the secret formula at the core of the most successful homes you'll be able to adapt the lessons to suit your own needs.

This website, and the podcasts and videos, will help you get clear about what you want to achieve, help you overcome obstacles and get you up to speed with the kinds of decisions you’ll be making in the weeks, months and years ahead.

I’m grateful! 


Thanks for taking your time to explore your way around. You're off to a great start.

Through ForeverHomeLifestyle.com I’m here, to support you on your journey. For me, as a guide, as a friend, and possibly as your architect, seeing you achieve your goals is what this place all about. There’s nothing more rewarding. If you have questions, or need help, get in touch. I do everything I can to reply to every email. 

​Want stay motivated, keep focussed and apply the 10-elements of the Forever Home Lifestyle​? Download a free copy of the Forever Home Lifestyle book, ​it's all about the Forever Home ​Lifestyle framework we talk about here on ​podcast​: