Have you noticed how people describe their ideal home as their Forever Home? ...But what is a Forever Home, and what kind of lifestyle does it provide?

Hello, I am Mark Siddall. Welcome to ​ForeverHomeLifestyle.com

The story behind ​this podcast goes back ​​a few years... Building upon my experience as an architect ​I developed ​a ​​framework for thinking about the ​places where we live. Eventually ​it morphed into ​​​the Forever Home Lifestyle.

I'm ​delighted this ​podcast adventure has become a reality because it's ​an opportunity ​​for us explore the Forever Home Lifestyle together. ​Join ​​me each week as ​I walk you through applying the ​​Forever Home Lifestyle ​framework so you can ​​make new connections, gain deeper insight and transform the place where you want to live into a place you'll love - now and always.

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